Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sudoku throw finish (again)

Last year when I finished my sudoku throw I was a bit concerned about the size of it - more a pram blanket than a knee rug.

But I was so keen for a finish at the time that I did just that - called it finished and moved on but it wasn't to be - it niggled at me, deep down I knew I had to put a border on it or work some extra rows.

My biggest consideration was the amount of yarn left over from the original project. I didn't really want to go and buy more just to finish it. If I had of had more yarn left over I would probably have gone the border option. But I wasn't sure I could get a full round in too many of the colours.

So that left me with the option of some extra rows. In the end I had enough yarn (and then some) to work 3 extra rows which was just enough to turn this pram blanket into a knee rug. Phew.

So the lesson is - consider the size of your square and multiply it out before you commit to 81 squares and realise that you should have perhaps done one extra round per square.

I'm a bit disappointed to have messed up the original concept of a sudoku pattern with my 3 extra rows but I am sure I won't be too worried about it once the cold weather creeps in and I am snug as a bug under a rug.

Hook: Clover Amour 4mm
Wool: Patons Dreamtime 100% Merino Wool, 8ply (3887 - Sea Green, 2960 - Denim, 2949 - Natural, 0205 - Navy, 0333 - Pink, 2955 - Teal, 2952 - Brown, 0053 - Buttermilk)
Shepherd Baby Wool Merino, 8ply (4970 - Yellow)
Pattern: Traditional granny squar
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