Thursday, July 24, 2014

My patons bucket bag

For Christmas hubby gave me a copy of the Patons Modern Crochet book. I was feeling very "there isn't anything getting finished" around these parts so this was a fast start it up and finish project! I'm posting about this one a bit out of order because I started and finished it before I started the cowl mentioned in the last post.

The yarn is Patons 8ply cotton blend (50:50 cotton/acrylic) and it is wonderful - great texture, soft and silky and comes in awesome colours.

Previously I have worked with the Moda Vera Beetle but it really is true when I say that yarn is only suitable for kitchen cleaning cloths!

The Patons on the other hand - yummy! I used it on my Christmas Stars and loved it so much I went and splurged on a range of random colours - just because.
This is the first structured project I have crocheted and even though I was taught with American terms, and the bag pattern is in UK/Aus terms, I found it really easy. Probably because it only uses a few stitches so I didn't have to remember too much! ;)
The bag handle is a clever yet simple construction and since I found it so easy it inspires me to look for more bag patterns to try out in the future.

Pattern: Patons Bucket Bag from the Patons Modern Crochet book
Yarn: Patons 8ply cotton blend in Navy, Aqua, Apple Green, Yellow, Orange, Coral
Hook: Clover Amour 5.0mm

This one only took me a couple of days so it was pretty much instant gratification. The bag could easily be lined and is a generous size so a good project bag.

The pattern was very generous in yarn allowances - overall I used about half of the requirements so you could easily make this bag as a stash buster.

Happy crafting.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

One thousand boxes

I'm getting ready! Getting ready for a very large KnitPro order which will be in stock this's all about box making today in anticipation of some orders from the shop.
There's a knitting project on the go in the evenings. I'll blog about it shortly as it is a fun lace pattern with a 15 row repeat. Interesting but a great lace starter project for a luscious cowl in 8ply.
Hopefully you are making something more interesting than boxes in your part of the world.
Happy crafting.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sometimes you have to go backwards...

Sometimes you have to go backwards in order to go forwards. Sometimes you have to admit defeat and be beat. Sometimes you have to be brutally honest with yourself and stand in front of that mirror with a half sewn together garment and accept you will probably never never wear it. It just isn't you.

Sometimes you will spend a year of your life knitting something and then find yourself pulling the whole thing back in one evening. Sometimes life is like that. Sometimes knitting is like that.

Sometimes there might even be no-one home (if you don't count the sleeping kids down the hall) and there might be a nice soppy chick flick on the tellie.

And well before you know it, sometimes the movie reaches the end and there you have it. One. Long. Years. Worth of Knitting. In. Balls.
And then because you borrowed the ball winder from a friend. Sometimes you just have to jump online and make on of those late night eBay purchases. Sometimes.

Happy tink-ing.